Being in a blissful relationship is good. But, there are many couples who do many weird things thinking them as cute but they are actually irritating.

#1. Calling each other nicknames in public

Most couples usually have the habit of calling each other by nicknames even in public. Well, it is ok till it is about an occasional ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’. But, when that ‘occasional’ turns into ‘all the time’; and ‘honey’ turns into ‘baby, ‘sweetu’ or ‘cutiepie’, well we say, draw the line! Calling each other by romantic names is cute, but forgetting your actual names and becoming those ‘pet names’, is just too much. Don’t believe us, then just ask your friends around!

#2. Feeding each other

Some of the couples do not feel awkward to feed each other in public places. They think it is cute, and all they are doing is just showing their love for each other. What they don’t get is that there is a small line between showing and showing off. And yes, not to forget that “shona, taste this” or “Baby, last bite, please khao na”, are a few things that can get them socially exiled by their friends.

#3. Acting like matchmakers all the time

Some of the couples feel it as their cosmic duty to hook up all their single friends. So, anytime they see, meet, or pass by any and every eligible bachelor or bachelorette, they start playing the ‘match-making’ games without losing a breath. Well, many of them don’t even realise that people around them are feeling quite uncomfortable. Just because you found your “soulmate” does not make you an expert on finding the “One” for others too. And, this is something even their friends would actually love to say to them!

#4. “We talk” excluding everyone from their conversation

Some couples really enjoy talking about themselves all the time. What they did, how they had spent their weekend, about their romantic vacation, etc., the list is indeed endless. No wonder you get the feeling of being invisible from the group.


#5. Oh! And, then they end up becoming “WE”

Well, this is another thing that is surprisingly quite common in a “Couple’s World”. After a point of time they actually become “We”. They not only start talking like each other and act like one single entity, they even become that. Taste this- Rahul marries Nisha, and now both their Facebook profiles read “Raj & Nisha”, they both have same display photo, and they even wish their individual friends with the tag “Love Raj & Nisha”. And yes, this does happen, and it is common!

#6. Disclosing their personal life through social media

They might be sitting next to each other, but they can’t stop gushing over their love for each other on Facebook. Yes, it is quite common in this digital age for couples to use social media to reveal almost each and everything about their personal life. From personal conversation to messages, and from romantic gifts to likes and dislikes, couples do end up showing it all off on social media.


#7. Fighting in the public

Surprising but true! Some couples do not even mind fighting publicly and hence, making everyone around them really uncomfortable. It gets all the more weird when all those secrets start pouring out, which are actually meant to be kept private.

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