Women fantasize about foreign lovers!

The language of love is pretty much the same all over the globe, but men from which countries would women rather have the conversation with? Many Brits are in relationships with other Brits as there are plenty of places to meet potential partners at work, at the gym or even through mutual friends. That said, something much deeper is going on in their personal fantasy land.

There is nothing to say that British women have to stick to their fellow Brits and nowhere does it stop women from fantasizing about someone new and exotic. www.gleeden.com has found which men from where get ladies hot under the collar, when it comes to imagining themselves with someone not from around their parts.


Italians came out on top with 28% voting for a Giovanna or a Giuseppe turning up on their doorstep. Nothing of course to do with the reputation of ‘Italian Stallion’ of course! Italian men are renowned for their love of the female form, seducing them with flirtatious banter and compliments as well as having a keen dress sense to polish off the experience.

16% of women wanted something male and French to wine and dine them. The French have a reputation for having an aptitude for romance, so why not embrace what they are best at?

15% opted for something Spanish. With hotties like Rafael Nadal representing their male folk, it’s no wonder that British women are hankering after a taste of their tapas!


Those who ranked low were the Swiss, the Germans and the Belgians- sadly, even winning the World Cup does not affect your chances of pulling.

Once women have got the man of their dreams- it would seem that Rome is the prefect destination to fly to for a romantic or dirty weekend away or a bit of both. Paris is a preferred second choice but Brussels is the last place that loved up couples want to venture to for some time alone- only for the beer and waffles but not for 48 hours of hot sex!



Courtesy: Female First

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