Women prefer marrying men who earn more than them

A new survey has found that women opt for men who earn more than them when choosing life partners.

A New Zealand dating service, Elite Singles, has revealed that most women would not marry a man who earns less than they do, as 70 per cent of women admitted to seeing their partner’s income as very important, Stuff.co.nz reported.

The survey, which was aimed at gauging what role money plays in relationships, has shown that the idea of men as breadwinners hasn’t gone away


Otago University gender studies association professor Chris Brickell said that most households rely on both partners working, but the survey revealed that many women still believed men should earn the bulk of the income.

However, Brickell that it probably comes down to an economic decision as women were possibly ensuring that they would be looked after if they chose to leave the workforce and have children.

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