Your partner may not be feigning sexual satisfaction

According to fascinating research, people who report better sexual communication with their partners have a more accurate perception of their satisfaction.

Even when sexual communication within the relationship was poor, those with good emotional recognition fared better in gauging their partners’ satisfaction, the study found.

“The results do not necessarily speak to ‘faking it’ per se in terms of faking orgasm,” said lead author Erin Fallis, a doctoral student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.


“But they do help us understand how well people do at gauging, like is their partner generally fairly satisfied with their sexual relationship or maybe not so satisfied with that sexual relationship,” Fallis said.

To reach this conclusion, researchers asked 84 committed couples to answer questions about both their own levels of sexual satisfaction and that of their partners.

When they compared self-reports of satisfaction to partners’ perceptions of satisfaction, they found that on average, both sexes were fairly good at gauging their partners’ sexual satisfaction.

The next on researchers’ mind is to figure out if an accurate perception of partner’s sexual satisfaction bode well for the overall sex life.

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